Fan impellers

The biggest part of WENTECH production are fan impellers. Designed for axial fans used in cooling towers and air-cooled condensers secure failure-free operation in the heaviest working conditions. Proper blade number and profile selection guarantees parameters meeting client’s requirements. 

Our range of impellers:

Basic paramaters of our impellers:

  • Blades made of fiberglass reinforced polyester,
  • Smooth surface protected by UV resistant gelcoat,
  • Twisted blade shape,
  • Protected blade leading edge,
  • Standard operational temperature: from – 40°C to + 65°C
  • Stepless regulation of blade angle during standstill (in the range from 4 to 28°)
WENTECH fan impeller tags – WO 7920-5-(7)
WO – axial impeller
7920 – nominal diameter in mm or ft
5 – number of blades
(7) – blade profile


If you are looking for impellers in the range of diameters from 200 to 1200mm, please visit PLANETFAN sp. z o.o. website:


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