Profile (1HS)

Specially designed blade securing stable operation of impeller in difficult conditions of concrete and steel fan stacks. High dynamic load resistance.
Available diameters: 4500 – 20000 mm (14-66 ft)
Number of blades in impeller: 3 to 8 pcs.
Maximum tip peripheral speed: 80 m/s.
Special execution:
HT – for high temperature conditions: +120°C,
KO – acid resistant,
R – reinforced execution, for harsh operation conditions,
SE – stainless steel blade edge protection – for tip peripheral speed over 62 m/s or on demand,
SS – hub elements made of stainless steel SS304 or SS316,
SG – self extinguishing execution,
AS/SG – antistatic and self-extinguishing execution. Applied in ATEX zones. A certificate of ATEX directive compliance is issued for operation in zones II 2G, T1 – T6. In case of special execution, the above mentioned codes are at the end of impeller’s name, i.e.: WO 5940-5-(7) AS/SG/SE
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