Measurement services

Our commercial services in the field of rotating machinery:

  • Airflow & acoustic characteristics for every type o fan (impeller diameter 500 – 1600 mm) in the full range of operation. Unstable operation areas detection. 
  • Airflow & acoustic characteristics for every type o fan (impeller diameter above 1600 mm). Measurements performed on site.
  • Detailed acoustic measurements and determining the acoustic power level acc. to the norm ISO 3744:1999.
  • Old fan units modernization projects. Measurements before and after the modernization.  

Airflow analysis:

  • Airflow characteristics for elements at the inlet site (grids, coolers, louvers, valves, shutters).
  • Modelling and pre-project manufacturing of the airflow-disturbing elements acc. to the customer’s documentation (non-aggressive gasses environment).
  • Modelling of the scaled vehicles and devices. Aeorodynamic factors determination. 
  • Low pressure measurements (-1000 Pa to +1000 Pa)

Machines dynamics:

  • Rotating machines measurements on industrial objects.
  • Modal analysis for objects operating in the range between 5 Hz and 10 kHz.
  • Resonance zone analysis for the systems equipped with frequency converter.
  • Torque and gravity centre determination for various elements
  • Static and dynamic balance control of rotating elements during operation on the objects.


  • Modelling and building pre-project rotating configurations (fans and turbines in the diameters 500 mm to 20000 mm.
  • Flow configuration design for wet and dry gasses. 

Optimizing numerical calculations:

  • Conjugate flow-strenght analysis basing on MES calculations
  • We have calibrated commercial codes which can be used in flow and strenght analysis.


We are open for cooperation with research institutions – both at the design and prototype stages. Thanks to our equipment we are able to realise every single stage of the project from the sheer idea to the final analysis of the documented model. 

Through the last 20 years we have measured lots of real, various objects, both in Poland and abroad. Our experience allows us to offer the best solution  for any operation problems that may occur.

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